The Mission of PROS

To assist its members achieve new heights of success within their professional careers. This is accomplished by the giving of business referrals. PROS demonstrates its commitment to the members by only allowing one member from each job category to join. Only those who demonstrate the highest level of integrity & drive will be allowed as members.

Building Working Relationships

The members of PROS meet each week to pass new business referrals and to update each other on the current status of each of our businesses. By maintaining a good understanding of each other’s businesses we are better able to recognize opportunities to recommend their services to our own clients, friends, and family.

Why Referrals?

The power of a personal referral is by far the best lead most people will ever get towards adding a new client or making a sale. The lasting value of that referral can go on for years as the new client then refers their associates, neighbors, friends and family to you over time. We have many members who can trace back referrals that have resulted in many, many additional referrals in a spider web or tree effect that can go on indefinitely.